Coleman and I are extremely settled into our apartment now and loving our new space (although I wish I could do a bit more decorating), but more recently I’ve been feeling like a nomad. We have been away from our hometowns for a while, moving from one apartment to the next since we were 19 years old… It’s been insane!

I have been inspired by the interior design of some of these homes recently and it makes me look forward to becoming a home owner in a few years to come (hopefully). I mean a real homeowner with neighbors, and a street that I can be on for years. A fireplace, my favorite cozy couch, and a somewhat permanent address. I never thought I would ever crave something so permanent, but all this moving around and trying to figure out which city we should move to next, the commute to work, pending where work will be, and crazy spikes in rent have my head spinning. Until then, I’m inspired by some of these beautiful photos. Hey, a girl can dream right?

Where is your next move?

PS(many of my faves are found on Studio Mcgee; One of my all time favorite interior designers/blogs.)



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