I’m currently down with a cold and some minor flu like symptoms, but I’m recovering just fine, so not too worry. I probably slept for a total of 16 hours today and that seemed to help.  In any case, I found myself curdled up into a ball underneath what used to be my “favorite” sheets; Coleman’s sheets.

Don’t get me wrong, they are soooo comfy, and they always smell good (mainly because we wash them weekly), but I realized that we’ve had the same bedding since Coleman lived in his bachelor pad with his college buddies. Literally-it’s the same exact covers and sheets that he had since we started dating. How did I manage to spruce up our home and forget all about the bed?! Oh yea- Coleman is a stickler when it comes to parting with the things that make him feel comfortable. I can’t seem to convince him to go shopping with me for a new set, and I especially can’t convince him to sleep on all white sheets. Ugh.. That’s literally one of coolest interior trends of 2017. They look so luxurious and bright and airy!

In the meantime, I’m thinking of ways to get him to go shopping with me, but here are some of the best beds out there. White, clean, bright and simple. dc0bead62cde36a49f32fc4f4d6ac86f.jpgb9ed39318e6ce075c46b429db6eb400e.jpgd35d71fc239ef26bccda6941b4f19f29.jpgb7b7b0d66d19f2ef9f9005126b1e9357.jpg04ef82266f70ade59c1bb35170be205a.jpg



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