Currently cranky because it’s been a whole week without dance, or any “me” time, even with Coleman in Seattle. The work commute and coaching has had me spinning the past couple of days, but not in pirouette, which is why I’m so bummed. Not making class sucks.

Also, being an “adult ballerina,” is extremely vulnerable. People mock and laugh all the time like “it’s cute,” to relive my five year old self. It’s really not the case at all. Ballet was my first craft, and it was an art form I didn’t have the luxury of continuing along with volleyball. I think it’s important to break comfort zones and try new things. Dance has not only been therapeutic for me, but it allows me to connect my mind and body together with TONS of focus. I’m present when I dance, and progress, although minute, is extremely rewarding. In any case, tomorrow is the first day predicted without rain, so fingers crossed.

I’m taking my camera and chasing light in Woodside with Jiana, so that project will be up after editing! stay tuned.


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