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Aloha Coconuts!

Thanks for stopping by. Today, I wanted to do a quick shout out to a Menehune Alumni doing big things with his talent. Mitchel is starting his IndieGoGo fundraiser to finish his latest production, The Gallery: an Anthology, produced and directed by Mitchel Viernes, founder of Intertainment Studios.  Please click on the photo above to check out his trailer and learn more on how to support this beautiful work of art.

For more of Mitchel’s work, you can check out his film reels on Youtube: Click Here

OR see the latest on greatest on Vimeo. Click Here

You can follow iNtertainment Studios on Vimeo. Mitchel currently resides in Honolulu, Hawaii and you can donate to his GoGo fund to follow his current project. I for one, am excited to see the final cut!


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