Excuse the filter issues with my photos here. It was done by the courtesy of my iPhone 6s and my coworker. 🙂

I thought it would be a great opportunity to show you what an appropriate “lazy” outfit looks like at the office.  Granted, if you’re company is extremely corporate, this shit might not fly, but- this is my favorite way to look polished and still rock my favorite edgy, oddly faded, definitely washed out but still cool, graphic tees. That was a mouthful.

  1. So, let me break this down. For starters, you could tuck your t shirt into a midi lengthed pencil skirt like I’ve done here. Something that has detail at the waist or perhaps a zipper, or unique shape would help add sophistication to your look.  (I’ve paired Bob Dylan with my fave skirt from Vici)

2. Normally, pending the length, I would recommend a killer pair of heels, that are comfortable to wear. Comfort is key. But, because of all the dancing I’ve been doing and the somewhat cold weather in California, I have ugly toes and opted for my cool boots with a slight heel. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the pattern on these bad boys. So unique and still work appropriate.

3. Add a Statement Necklace like I’ve done here. No necklace? no problem! Pair this look with skinny pants and a blazer and you can conquer this outfit.


If you don’t own big pieces of jewelry, or if your style is simplistic or more on the minimalist side, focus on key pieces that are versatile and appropriate for any occasion. When I think through my wardrobe, I tend to ask myself if there are items that I can transform from weekend wear, to going out wear, to office wear, all in one piece. The usual go to life saver ends up being a vest or a jacket of some sort. For the office and even out of drinks, Blazers have made looking “polished” a no brainer.

I DESPISE traditional suits for women. I’m 24 for fucks sake; why should I have to dress in pants and collared shirts that aren’t flattering and do nothing to express my style or personality?! Grab a blazer, and you can transform a pair of jeans and an old graphic tee to a chic outfit that you can wear to work!

KEY TIP: FIND A FOCAL PIECE THAT TIES IT ALL TOGETHER aka. A great pair of shoes if possible.

For a more sophisticated and polished look, throw on a great pair of shoes that you can wear all day. Pointed toe flats, or a pair of heels makes everything in your closet practically transitional. Here are a few of my favorite ways to polish the “lazy outfit” look.





What are your favorite ways to rock this look? Have something in your closet you don’t know how to style? Leave a comment below, or write me a note and I’ll be happy to post about it.



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