Aloha Coconuts!

I posted on Instagram this morning that I would share with all of you my cupping experience. If you don’t have time to read this today, there is one thing you should take away from this blog post- I HIGHLY RECOMMEND CUPPING.

My Acupuncturist is Jake Huang. I have not had acupuncture yet, but I will try that next in addition to cupping therapy. You can learn more about Jake and his practice in this short video below.

1. What made you try cupping?

Before cupping, I wanted to try acupuncture for the longest. High blood pressure seems to run in my family. My Aunty was diagnosed with high blood pressure several years ago, and her doctor placed her on a regimen that consisted of small doses of medication to manage her blood pressure. While this wasn’t terrible, my aunt felt like she could find a way to alleviate her high blood pressure all together in a more holistic way.

In addition to daily exercise, which wasn’t difficult since my aunt is extremely active and athletic, she started to practice Yoga and Meditation. In parallel, she also saw an Acupuncturist regularly. She swore by her experience, and was completely off of her BP medication.

The first time I heard of Cupping, was when an old college teammate and dear friend, Nicole Yap, moved to China. While her and her boyfriend Jamey traveled quite a bit through out the south east of Asia, they found themselves happy and content in (insert the name of the city), China. I see pictures of them traveling all the time, and I always have to reconsider my career and moving to live abroad for a few years. Anyways- I saw a blog post of her cupping treatment that she received on her hitting shoulder. Volleyball isn’t extremely abrasive or detrimental to your body, but like any sport, you do it long enough and it can be a lot of wear and tear. She swore by it, so I knew one day I’d have to give it a try. The problem is that in the US, everything costs $. Holistic practices in CA can be expensive unless you have insurance that covers it. If you’re a small business owner, you’re likely paying out of pocket for everything. For the longest time, I couldn’t convince myself that the cost was worth it. And then the neck pains began.

Working in an office environment can take a tole on your body. I have such an active lifestyle, that going from moving every day, to sitting in a desk for 8 hours, really caused stiffness in my back, neck and shoulders. My coworker saw an acupuncturist for the same problem and they had offered cupping in the same session. She swore by it, once again, so I had to give it a try. When 2017 came around, we were lucky enough to learn that our insurance was now covering holistic practices including Acupuncture and half the copay for Cupping. At this point, it was a no brainer.

2. Did it hurt?

NO. This doesn’t hurt a bit. In fact, it was relaxing. The way my Acupuncturist described it was “It’ll feel like your back is being kissed by a giant octopus.”

3. How long do the dark circles last?

This depends on how dark the circles are, but typically, the suction cup marks go away after a week or less. For me, I had quite a few blockages in my upper back, kidneys, and my hitting shoulder (go figure), so mine may take a week to a week and a half to recover. At that point, when I’m healed, I will see my doc for another session.

4. Any side effects? How did you feel afterward?

I felt amazing; re-energized even. I was extremely thirsty the rest of the night. We had a few people over to watch the fights, and I couldn’t stop drinking water and using the bathroom. I think my body was flushing out toxins and clearing out the “blockages” that Jake kept talking to me about. Learning about my body’s Medians is extremely fascinating. I even learned that the reason why my feet are always cold, is due to the fact that I have some blockages to my Kidneys. (who knows how severe, or what’s causing that. I would need a few more treatments to discover) Overall, I am healthy, and this is just another way to pay attention to my well being.

taken Right After the Cupping session


Taken later that night after an epsom salt bathcuppingday2

Taken this morning (Day 1) after cupping. Tons of dark circles or blocked chi! cuppingday2am2017-03-04-23-22-06

As promised, I also said I would include the recipe to my green smoothie. (I’m trying this one out and playing around with the ingredients)


Green Smoothie Ingredients:

2 cups of baby kale

1 small Persian cucumber (cut into small circles)

8oz of organic Apple Juice (Trader Joe’s, pasteurized) Make sure it isn’t filtered with water, and no added sugar!

3 or 4 frozen mango chunks

2 frozen peaches greensmoothie

Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday as much as I am, even though it’s raining! Light some candles, cozy up in blankets, and have some tea!


I’m thinking of making this wall a gallery wall- thoughts?  ( wall behind couch) don’t mind the yoga mat. This area turns into my studio when Coleman is studying in the other room.


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