I’m always inspired by old buildings and modern home designs. I’m inspired even more when the two meet each other halfway, incorporated into one building, particularly in a home.

One of my favorite exterior designs is this technique called the German Schmear. Side note- I said that to a friend once, and she responded with “WTF, this sounds sexual.” For those of you who don’t know what German Schmear is, it is not a sex position, or slang for any sexual act in contrary to my friend’s belief. German Schmear is a technique used on modern home designs, cafes, and other types of buildings to restore/recreate the “worn down” aesthetic of exterior redbrick.

There are several ways to brighten up brick walls, but I love the uneven texture and exposing some of the redbrick. German Schmear as an example, uses mortar as a coating. The contractor, or designer would then scrape/wipe off some of the mortar to achieve a more rugged, rustic aesthetic. Here are some of my favorite ways to incorporate redbrick and the German Schmear technique. (A common look in Atherton and Menlo Park, at least from my days living there as a college student.) 1d9b886b945e05a492332200b11a4f6d6c8244897d9231421d3ee135b9406c4d36f178406fc80797aece48341052e850063c0749bcf517b27656c2b5d16362ec83f60d80805b86bd9df85f671de4358cdb5d3ba7df33db882cd0d110e9d5c4dde56508e20ae050537a01aa7d7eaf51ee


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