Currently planning out the layout and design of my DIY “Gallery Wall” for my project this weekend, which according to Coleman, has been a pending project for about 6 months now… hah! Finally about to conquer this fun task.

I’m pulling out some inspiration here, and researching which art pieces I’d like to use, which photos I would want to print, types of frames and where to buy them etc.. you know, all that jazz.  I’ll walk everyone through my process this weekend, but until then, here is a post for inspiration. There are three things I’ve officially decided on: 1. I’m going with skinny frames, and they will likely be white, black, or brass and gold. 2. I am using white matte paper to mat my photos. 3. I will hang up some of my own original artwork.

This gallery wall passion project may be turning into a complete redesign of my living room! There are so many cool antiques and thrifts in San Jose, so I’m excited with what I’ll find on Saturday.

Everything in this photo is amazing. The woman, her style, the living room, the library of a book shelf, the rug, and this epic, artsy gallery wall. This is the star inspiration for my passion project this weekend.
This is a second favorite. I think I love ever piece of art, and the layout. I love a bright white wall as a clean slate for a project of this sort.


Monochromatic, minimalist and modern, grid like pattern.


simplistic and effortless
When modern meets rustic


Although I’m not the biggest fan of “themed” gallery walls, or rooms, I like the artwork and lay out here. I personally, love a more eclectic and random feel when it comes to gallery walls. It makes the room feel that much more treasured and “lived in.”


Perfecto! everything- brick wall, skinny frames, wooden accents…just perfect.
I want to find the true source of this gem. It looks inspired by Studio McGee.

What’s your favorite?





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