Every now and I again I find myself in a mid-week shlump. Climbing that Wednesday hurdle can be a bit difficult, so I’m starting a weekly blog post called “Wednesday Inspos” so I can share with you coconuts my favorite things that get me through my week. This week, I can’t stop thinking about my hometown, Honolulu, HI. I will be heading home for a quick visit in July, which is right around the corner, and every time I list out all of my favorite things in O’ahu, I smile. If you’re a Hawaii local, and you’re reading this, you’ll smile too.

Stay tuned for more Wednesday Inspos coming your way. Until then, Aloha and Happy Wednesday!

  1. Mokes The-Mokes-White-Sandy-Beach-Lanikai-Oahu-vacation-rental.jpg
  2. and Mokes… (you’ll only get it if you’re local, and I won’t explain it because if you don’t get it, then you never will) maxresdefault.jpg
  3. The sounds of the Ocean tumblr_o7lthcx8761s7syh1o1_540
  4. How everyone you know back home becomes Aunty and Uncle even if you’re not related
  5. The Meyers ohana.jpg
  6. DuckButt and Bar Divesduckbutt.jpg
  7. Helena’s- a whole in the wall with bomb Hawaiian foodhelena-s-hawaiian-food.jpg
  8. Kalihi Street
  9. Long’s Drugs Rubbah Slippahs 61QlMURnloL._UL1200_.jpg
  10. Rainbows like no other, on almost a daily basis HAWAII0915-GettyImages-128421863.jpg
  11. Collecting shells in tide poolsMakapuu tidepools 052.jpg
  12. The Aloha vibe3139752014f6f39cd36c32a49eb9977b--rainbow-connection-surfs.jpg
  13. This place and these people FITTED-HAWAII_top.jpg
  14. Malasadas Leonards2-1-767x1024

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