IMG_4128IMG_4129As you all may already know, one of my best friends in the entire world finally moved back to the area. It was a sunny day over the hill this past Sunday and we couldn’t waste an opportunity to do some conceptual shooting.

I’m hoping to feature this goddess in an interview at some point. I’ve always wanted to host interviews on this blog, but never found the capacity to do so.  Any who, I took it upon myself to create some digital content for this yogi’s social accounts. If any of you are ever in Santa Cruz, please look her up and take her class. She is an awesome facilitator and instructor. We have so many cool projects and ideas in the works so stay tuned! So happy and blessed to have my creative soul sister back in this area. The inspiration is in full throttle!

Here are some frames from the day as well as some  “conceptual” pieces and edits.

Bayley’s Information Below:

Bayley Blackney IG handle: @earthchildbay

Studio Affiliates: Divinitree Yoga, Breath and Oneness




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