I know, I know. It’s been ages since I wrote a blog post. I’m sorry! A LOT has been going on. Now that the dust has somewhat settled, I wanted to take the time to create some content and fill you Coconuts in on what has happened the last couple of months.

For starters, I spent my first Christmas break with Coleman’s family, which was amazing! Can you believe in the five years we’ve been together, we haven’t spent a single Christmas together?! Now that we are back into the full swing of things, I’ve had to re-acquaint myself with early morning awakenings and Yoga Sculpt, and Teacher Training, which consumed my life the past couple months before the holidays. All of that in week 1 of the new year has put my body into a weak state, which made me susceptible to colds (thanks a lot, Coleman). I have been out on my ass this week, trying to work from home between the body aches and the fever. Thankfully, recovery is on the horizon.

To continue with my content creation in 2018, I’ve committed to starting my own YouTube Channel. If you haven’t seen my first video, go check it out.

This was an extremely off the cuff and vulnerable experience, but I think I enjoyed this process and will continue to create more content for you all. I’ve also committed to taking more photos this year, so I’m excited to share my art with all of you!


Here are a few fun images I took in the last couple weeks. Inspired by the holidays, twinkly lights, and the sunset.

a sunset in San Diego, a place I can’t wait to call Home.






Thanks for tuning in on my journey!







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