It’s official! Coleman and I moved to San Diego this past weekend!

I moved to the Bay Area nearly a decade ago not knowing where life would take me next. It’s hard to be in one place for 10 years and not feel rooted. After all, the Bay is nothing short of inspiring. We’ve made such great friends here and leaving will be one of the hardest things I’ve done in a long time. That said, Coleman and I both hear the whispers of Home calling our names and we are ready to move forward.

The past few months have been such a grind! When Coleman received his job offer in San Diego, there were so many things going on. We were smack dab in the middle of the holidays. I was closing out a crazy sales quarter, and trying to digest all sorts of information while in the middle of what felt like a mental hurricane. My brain was a mashup of details without focus. I was swaying back and forth between the insignificant decisions and the life altering ones without any distinction between the two. I was equally stressed about deciding what to wear for Coleman’s family Xmas parties as I was about gift shopping, work, being a supportive partner, rooting for Coleman, feeling sorry for myself and thinking I’d be left behind, panicking about what I would do next in my career, and figuring out how to follow my partner to a city where I know only a handful of people without feeling like doing so would be a huge risk and big mistake. Yea, I was a shit show to say the least, at least internally.

Here’s what I didn’t expect before the move:

  1. COVID-19 outbreak has become the most serious it’s ever been since we first heard of these cases, and California had announced an official Shelter in Place policy prohibiting business operations outside of critical infrastructures like food, mail, fed operations, healthcare etc. I thought I was going to be stranded, but thankfully, we were able to pack up our belongings with our movers (while social distancing), and managed to drive down to socal without any traffic, or major hiccups.
  2. Even with weather forecasts updates, nobody could foresee the unexpected raining in San Jose the day of the initial move.

Yea, you get the idea. The days leading up to the big move were stressful. Here are some key tips I learned during this experience and wanted to share with ya’ll.

  1. In the midst of unprecedented times, confirming your reservations with your movers several times is never a bad idea. Confirm, reconfirm, and then confirm again right before your move, especially during a shutdown due to national emergencies, such as COVID-19. Over-communicating will save you so much time in the long run and give you peace of mind.
  2. Come up with a plan B. One thing that made me feel at ease, was brainstorming with Coleman all our options in the event his flight was cancelled, and the movers had to cancel. You can get caught up in the rabbit hole, so don’t lose yourself. That said, it’s always better to be prepared. For instance, if Coleman’s flight was cancelled, he was prepared to drive up to the Bay. If the movers cancelled, we were prepared to work with our landlord on alternative extension options.
  3. CHECK THE WEATHER AND PREPARE FOR THE RAIN. I mentioned that we ended up unloading our apartment in San Jose during the rain. This means our white carpet took a beating. Pro Tip: prepare for the rain and before packing alway your towels, keep some out to save your carpets or floors from rainy shoes going in and out of the house.
  4. Get your car checked prior to a long road trip. I usually like to get my tires rotated and inspected, and make sure my oil is good to go before taking any long trips with my car.
  5. Start going through your stuff prior to moving out, and do this early and often! This makes such a big difference and makes the day of the move way less overwhelming. I made the mistake of only doing one pass at donating clothes and furniture prior to the move, and when the day came, I realized there were so many things I didn’t need to keep that I ended up throwing out. I could have sold those items or recycled them had I did this earlier. I did a pretty good job with throwing things out over time, and even still, felt like that wasn’t enough and could have given myself more deep cleaning sessions. You need more time than you’ll think.

This is a quick recap about what Coleman and I learned. What people don’t also realize is that we did long distance for a few months prior to us getting here, so comment or reach out if you’re interested in hearing more about how we made that work.

Hope you’re all staying in and healthy and safe. What are you doing to stay in / social distance yourself? I am submitting this blog post and decorating my new apartment.

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