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Wellness & Cupping

Aloha Coconuts!

I posted on Instagram this morning that I would share with all of you my cupping experience. If you don’t have time to read this today, there is one thing you should take away from this blog post- I HIGHLY RECOMMEND CUPPING.

My Acupuncturist is Jake Huang. I have not had acupuncture yet, but I will try that next in addition to cupping therapy. You can learn more about Jake and his practice in this short video below.

1. What made you try cupping?

Before cupping, I wanted to try acupuncture for the longest. High blood pressure seems to run in my family. My Aunty was diagnosed with high blood pressure several years ago, and her doctor placed her on a regimen that consisted of small doses of medication to manage her blood pressure. While this wasn’t terrible, my aunt felt like she could find a way to alleviate her high blood pressure all together in a more holistic way.

In addition to daily exercise, which wasn’t difficult since my aunt is extremely active and athletic, she started to practice Yoga and Meditation. In parallel, she also saw an Acupuncturist regularly. She swore by her experience, and was completely off of her BP medication.

The first time I heard of Cupping, was when an old college teammate and dear friend, Nicole Yap, moved to China. While her and her boyfriend Jamey traveled quite a bit through out the south east of Asia, they found themselves happy and content in (insert the name of the city), China. I see pictures of them traveling all the time, and I always have to reconsider my career and moving to live abroad for a few years. Anyways- I saw a blog post of her cupping treatment that she received on her hitting shoulder. Volleyball isn’t extremely abrasive or detrimental to your body, but like any sport, you do it long enough and it can be a lot of wear and tear. She swore by it, so I knew one day I’d have to give it a try. The problem is that in the US, everything costs $. Holistic practices in CA can be expensive unless you have insurance that covers it. If you’re a small business owner, you’re likely paying out of pocket for everything. For the longest time, I couldn’t convince myself that the cost was worth it. And then the neck pains began.

Working in an office environment can take a tole on your body. I have such an active lifestyle, that going from moving every day, to sitting in a desk for 8 hours, really caused stiffness in my back, neck and shoulders. My coworker saw an acupuncturist for the same problem and they had offered cupping in the same session. She swore by it, once again, so I had to give it a try. When 2017 came around, we were lucky enough to learn that our insurance was now covering holistic practices including Acupuncture and half the copay for Cupping. At this point, it was a no brainer.

2. Did it hurt?

NO. This doesn’t hurt a bit. In fact, it was relaxing. The way my Acupuncturist described it was “It’ll feel like your back is being kissed by a giant octopus.”

3. How long do the dark circles last?

This depends on how dark the circles are, but typically, the suction cup marks go away after a week or less. For me, I had quite a few blockages in my upper back, kidneys, and my hitting shoulder (go figure), so mine may take a week to a week and a half to recover. At that point, when I’m healed, I will see my doc for another session.

4. Any side effects? How did you feel afterward?

I felt amazing; re-energized even. I was extremely thirsty the rest of the night. We had a few people over to watch the fights, and I couldn’t stop drinking water and using the bathroom. I think my body was flushing out toxins and clearing out the “blockages” that Jake kept talking to me about. Learning about my body’s Medians is extremely fascinating. I even learned that the reason why my feet are always cold, is due to the fact that I have some blockages to my Kidneys. (who knows how severe, or what’s causing that. I would need a few more treatments to discover) Overall, I am healthy, and this is just another way to pay attention to my well being.

taken Right After the Cupping session


Taken later that night after an epsom salt bathcuppingday2

Taken this morning (Day 1) after cupping. Tons of dark circles or blocked chi! cuppingday2am2017-03-04-23-22-06

As promised, I also said I would include the recipe to my green smoothie. (I’m trying this one out and playing around with the ingredients)


Green Smoothie Ingredients:

2 cups of baby kale

1 small Persian cucumber (cut into small circles)

8oz of organic Apple Juice (Trader Joe’s, pasteurized) Make sure it isn’t filtered with water, and no added sugar!

3 or 4 frozen mango chunks

2 frozen peaches greensmoothie

Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday as much as I am, even though it’s raining! Light some candles, cozy up in blankets, and have some tea!


I’m thinking of making this wall a gallery wall- thoughts?  ( wall behind couch) don’t mind the yoga mat. This area turns into my studio when Coleman is studying in the other room.


Frothy Coffee

Friday’s are one of my favorite days of the week aside from the weekend. I get to work out of the cutest little coffee shop in San Jose. I’m not going to tell anyone what it’s called for now, even though that would promote their business, because it’s the quaintest little gem and I want to keep it to myself for the time being. They make latte’s look beautiful, and it’s rich and smooth and perfectly fulfills my caffein deprivation on those early AM work calls. Not to mention it’s a total change of scenery, which I need after a long work week.

Did I just write a blog about coffee? No- not sure what this blog post is supposed to be yet. I suppose it’s about the two things inspiring me these days; really good coffee to get the day started, and dancing for therapeutic purposes. This is the first video of me dancing I’ve ever posted. My dance instructor invited a few friends to take a contemporary class, which I loved! Almost more than ballet! It’s been 14 years since my last contemporary class, but I’m surprised yet again how much my body remembers.

I have a few deadlines to get done for work, but coffee and dance will get me through it all. What’s getting you through your stressful week?




The Graphic Tee: lazy style for the office

Excuse the filter issues with my photos here. It was done by the courtesy of my iPhone 6s and my coworker. 🙂

I thought it would be a great opportunity to show you what an appropriate “lazy” outfit looks like at the office.  Granted, if you’re company is extremely corporate, this shit might not fly, but- this is my favorite way to look polished and still rock my favorite edgy, oddly faded, definitely washed out but still cool, graphic tees. That was a mouthful.

  1. So, let me break this down. For starters, you could tuck your t shirt into a midi lengthed pencil skirt like I’ve done here. Something that has detail at the waist or perhaps a zipper, or unique shape would help add sophistication to your look.  (I’ve paired Bob Dylan with my fave skirt from Vici)

2. Normally, pending the length, I would recommend a killer pair of heels, that are comfortable to wear. Comfort is key. But, because of all the dancing I’ve been doing and the somewhat cold weather in California, I have ugly toes and opted for my cool boots with a slight heel. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the pattern on these bad boys. So unique and still work appropriate.

3. Add a Statement Necklace like I’ve done here. No necklace? no problem! Pair this look with skinny pants and a blazer and you can conquer this outfit.


If you don’t own big pieces of jewelry, or if your style is simplistic or more on the minimalist side, focus on key pieces that are versatile and appropriate for any occasion. When I think through my wardrobe, I tend to ask myself if there are items that I can transform from weekend wear, to going out wear, to office wear, all in one piece. The usual go to life saver ends up being a vest or a jacket of some sort. For the office and even out of drinks, Blazers have made looking “polished” a no brainer.

I DESPISE traditional suits for women. I’m 24 for fucks sake; why should I have to dress in pants and collared shirts that aren’t flattering and do nothing to express my style or personality?! Grab a blazer, and you can transform a pair of jeans and an old graphic tee to a chic outfit that you can wear to work!

KEY TIP: FIND A FOCAL PIECE THAT TIES IT ALL TOGETHER aka. A great pair of shoes if possible.

For a more sophisticated and polished look, throw on a great pair of shoes that you can wear all day. Pointed toe flats, or a pair of heels makes everything in your closet practically transitional. Here are a few of my favorite ways to polish the “lazy outfit” look.





What are your favorite ways to rock this look? Have something in your closet you don’t know how to style? Leave a comment below, or write me a note and I’ll be happy to post about it.



The Gallery (Indie GoGo Fundraiser)

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 2.58.16 PM.png

Aloha Coconuts!

Thanks for stopping by. Today, I wanted to do a quick shout out to a Menehune Alumni doing big things with his talent. Mitchel is starting his IndieGoGo fundraiser to finish his latest production, The Gallery: an Anthology, produced and directed by Mitchel Viernes, founder of Intertainment Studios.  Please click on the photo above to check out his trailer and learn more on how to support this beautiful work of art.

For more of Mitchel’s work, you can check out his film reels on Youtube: Click Here

OR see the latest on greatest on Vimeo. Click Here

You can follow iNtertainment Studios on Vimeo. Mitchel currently resides in Honolulu, Hawaii and you can donate to his GoGo fund to follow his current project. I for one, am excited to see the final cut!


Chasing Light with Friends

As promised, Jiana and I ran to the woods the first chance we got. The sun was out for the first time all week and we were so excited to test out the new lens on my Cannon. It’s fun to express art in different ways other than dance. I love to dress up with friends and take these beautiful images! Portraiture is an incredibly moving thing and so fun and silly all at the same time! There’s nothing wrong with grabbing a camera, dressing up, and allowing yourself to feel beautiful.


An Adult Ballerina


Currently cranky because it’s been a whole week without dance, or any “me” time, even with Coleman in Seattle. The work commute and coaching has had me spinning the past couple of days, but not in pirouette, which is why I’m so bummed. Not making class sucks.

Also, being an “adult ballerina,” is extremely vulnerable. People mock and laugh all the time like “it’s cute,” to relive my five year old self. It’s really not the case at all. Ballet was my first craft, and it was an art form I didn’t have the luxury of continuing along with volleyball. I think it’s important to break comfort zones and try new things. Dance has not only been therapeutic for me, but it allows me to connect my mind and body together with TONS of focus. I’m present when I dance, and progress, although minute, is extremely rewarding. In any case, tomorrow is the first day predicted without rain, so fingers crossed.

I’m taking my camera and chasing light in Woodside with Jiana, so that project will be up after editing! stay tuned.


Digital Influence

Just over a year ago I started a blog on fashion and when I rebranded to a lifestyle and adventure blog on my life, I had no idea if my content would reach anyone. I’m so thankful to uncover that I now have 861 blog followers/subscriptions. Thank you all for reading!

Side note and other inspirations: This week’s gloomy weather in the Bay Area has me looking forward to Spring. Jiana and I are taking advantage of the sunny weather this weekend so look out for a fun photoshoot that will be posted on the blog!

I’ve been dying to get back to my camera so this should be fun.

My Mt.Whitney Experience


finish line.jpg(All photos taken by Brett Davey)

We started two hours ahead of sunrise… My sense of time was somewhat off considering I’ve never really been up and functioning before the Sun.

Coleman, Brett and myself slept on what felt like the most slanted part of the earth the night before. I would cozy up in my sleeping bag, bundle up in a fleece blanket, then zip the sleeping bag back up only to find myself sliding to the other side of the tent two seconds later. My pillow would slip up from under me, and before I could get my arms back out of the blanket to readjust, the right side of my body was lower than the left, my neck was strained upward, and my legs slightly elevated. Needless to say, it was somewhat of a sleepless night-quite annoying really. Meanwhile, Brett was in a long sleeve shirt, shorts and had only one blanket- he slept like a ROCK (lucky).

It felt like I had closed my eyes for only a few hours before we were cued to wake up. The air was the freshest I’ve ever felt it. My nose felt as cold as ice and my nostrils would flare every time I took a deep breath. The air was so crisp that breathing felt like such a vivid and intense sensation. I could feel cold air passing through my nose to the back of throat and into my chest.

The sky was a sea of darkness, lit by a school of stars that twinkled as if they were brand new  and before I could acknowledge them, we were making our way towards the trailhead.

The Trail

Let’s skip the part where BOTH my flashlights fail me, and jump ahead to the John Deere trail. A few miles into the trail, I heard the sounds of a waterfall. I couldn’t tell whether it was in front of me, beside me,  above me, or all of the above. I was consumed with its mass. Before I knew it, I’m stepping on these huge, flat rocks to get myself across the top of a waterfall relying on Coleman’s headlamp so I can see my path.

We get to the first body of water on the trail- a perfect place for a pitstop and a perfect place to catch the sunrise (finally). There’s something truly humbling about Nature. You don’t realize how small you are until you decide to climb a mountain. 2.jpg1.jpg







This was all a great adventure until we came to this….

1.9 miles left.jpg

The Summit

At 1.9 miles, you pretty much think you have it in the bag and the rest of the journey is near the end. WRONG! This last stretch to summit was the longest 1.9 miles in my life. At this point, both Coleman and myself started to get altitude sickness, even after proper nourishment for months, and a week and a half of taking all natural Ginko pills. Nothing could have really prepared us for the elevation, except training above sea level of course, which is impossible to do when you live in the Silicon Valley.

The sickness is different for everyone. Climbing up to summit, we both started to get headaches, and my heart was beating more rapidly then it should’ve been considering the pace I was going. I wasn’t nauseous…yet. The nausea didn’t kick in until the last 4-6 miles going down back to the campsite. In short, I suffered going up, and puked when I got back down. But- the moments in between was nothing short of perfect. Imagine training for months to embark on one of the toughest and challenging endeavors you’ve ever done, and achieving it with people you love. That’s exactly what we did and I’ve never experienced anything more gratifying, humbling, and simplistic. I’ll never do that shit again, don’t get me wrong, but I’m glad I did it at least once.

Here’s what hiking a mountain of that mass makes you realize: 1. The world is HUGE; explore it, and be present. 2. Life is very SHORT; so set goals and achieve them. 3. When you get an opportunity to go camping, DO IT. 4. Nothing epic is ever waiting for you with out a little bit of hard work, and sometimes extreme struggle and agony. 5. If you go camping, camp with Coleman’s parents because they have a shit ton of gear that you never knew you needed.

When we got to the top, I was relieved. Sue turned to get a look at all of us. She was happy all the kiddos got to celebrate her birthday with her. How many people get to say they celebrated their birthday with their kids by climbing Mt.Whitney in one day? yea, not many. We took a photo at the top, signed our names in the famous guest book, and said to each other, “What’s next?”







2017 Home Trend: White Sheets

I’m currently down with a cold and some minor flu like symptoms, but I’m recovering just fine, so not too worry. I probably slept for a total of 16 hours today and that seemed to help.  In any case, I found myself curdled up into a ball underneath what used to be my “favorite” sheets; Coleman’s sheets.

Don’t get me wrong, they are soooo comfy, and they always smell good (mainly because we wash them weekly), but I realized that we’ve had the same bedding since Coleman lived in his bachelor pad with his college buddies. Literally-it’s the same exact covers and sheets that he had since we started dating. How did I manage to spruce up our home and forget all about the bed?! Oh yea- Coleman is a stickler when it comes to parting with the things that make him feel comfortable. I can’t seem to convince him to go shopping with me for a new set, and I especially can’t convince him to sleep on all white sheets. Ugh.. That’s literally one of coolest interior trends of 2017. They look so luxurious and bright and airy!

In the meantime, I’m thinking of ways to get him to go shopping with me, but here are some of the best beds out there. White, clean, bright and simple. dc0bead62cde36a49f32fc4f4d6ac86f.jpgb9ed39318e6ce075c46b429db6eb400e.jpgd35d71fc239ef26bccda6941b4f19f29.jpgb7b7b0d66d19f2ef9f9005126b1e9357.jpg04ef82266f70ade59c1bb35170be205a.jpg



How to decorate the home with books

Books will never go out of style. Even in the age of tablets, and eBooks, it’s something about paper and pages that will always remain. Not only are books food for thought, they are easy accent pieces that bring a home to life.

Have a bare table in your living room? Don’t trip chocolate chip! Stack some hardcopy books or magazines in a fun way. Or, top off your book stack with a unique trinket or paper weight. Or better yet, create a library by using up that shelving unit for the books you forgot you had. Here are some of my favorite ways to incorporate my favorite “reads” into the home: