Some of you may remember for my last blog post that I was feeling inspired to start a gallery wall in my living room. Well, It took some time to figure out which pieces were making its way up to the wall, but the final product is finally here. (Sort of a final; I’m trying to find a tapestry or something to cover the un used fire place behind the sofa)

One thing led to another and before I knew it, I was revamping some furniture. I found this beautiful coffee table made from reclaimed wood in Kentucky from the talented Old State Wood, LLC. . They do amazing wood work, and you can find them on Etsy. So, here is a sneak peak preview into my home, where you can also see some of my favorite pieces now located on our living room Gallery Wall. The whale you see in the center of the wall is my own creation. The photo on the right is a blue print of the Golden Gate bridge, which took a while to track down, but after searching, I finally found the artist that I was looking for.

Hope you enjoy! If you have a gallery wall of your own, feel free to send some photos or leave me a comment with some of your favorite pieces.


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